Monday, November 1, 2021

Hello LOVE

Hello friends, I'm here with you today and I have a fun & festive little project.  I used the Love Desktop Frame along with a 4" X 6" Quarterfoil stencil. 

The first thing I did was cover the back of my paper with double sided adhesive so it could be added to the Love Frame and also to the oval bases. 

After removing the tape liner The LOVE Frame was placed face down on the sticky side. (I used double sided paper so you are seeing the back side above) 
The excess paper was cut away.

After cutting away the paper it looked a bit sloppy so I smoothed down all the edges with an emery board to make it smooth and define the edges.

Everything was edged, in this case I used blue to match the paper color.  The small section of the base was stenciled with red and the extra heart was also colored red using the same ink and a blending brush.
After stenciling the small section of the base - it was ready for some feet.

I had some wooden beads in my stash so I painted them with a reinker to use them as feet - then attached them using hot glue.

A fun little greeting "hello" was added using a die from my collection. 
 I used fun foam to make it pop up.

For a fun finishing touch I added this cute little gnome that was hanging around on my desk.

Thanks for joining me today and Happy Holidays,


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