Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Come In For A Bite

 Hi Friends,

I have been working on Halloween cards, which I love making, and want to share this fun Bitty Ball Vampire with you.   He is so handsome and cool popping up to welcome you to his home.  

For the envelope or box I began by cutting the paper where the white lines are on the photo.  I wanted to use all of the graphic.  After cutting the paper down, I scored it on three sides 1/2" and then 3/4" shown with the white arrows.  After folding on the score lines it will look like a box on three sides  I cut a back panel the same size as the front and them assembled it like a box leaving the right side open.

I used some light weight chipboard to reinforce the paper on the edges and the front and back.  With the double Bitty Ball there is more pressure in the front and back.  For the final step of the envelope I cut a notch so the vampire would go in and out easier. For the notch I used a die from the Triple Flip.

The instructions for both the Bitty Ball and the Character Add Ons is below so if you need a refresher, just take a look.  

For the "Come In For A Bite" I printed on orange paper from my computer using the Chiller font.  I cut it out using a circle.  Then cut another circle that is bigger using black paper. You could cut it out using any circle die or as I did, on my Scan N Cut.

Thanks for joining me today and Happy Haunting,


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  1. Sandy I like that envelope Idea! something I have on my bucket list to do - it has been awhile since I did a bitty ball - this one is so very cute - like the papers as well - TFS


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