Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Party Animals

Welcome to day 2 of the Karen Burniston Designer Challenge.  Our theme this week is GLITTER
Have you ever wondered what your pet does when you go off to work or out with friends?  Oh yes, we all think they just sleep to pass the time and patiently wait for our return but I have a different thought today.   I think as soon as we walk out the door they begin to party.  A daytime RAVE.
Not only do our friends have a good time without us, they invite friends, and these guys also found the glitter and have been lovingly sprinkling it throughout the house.
I have made an artist trading block feathering one of our animal friends from Karen's collection on each side.  The block is covered with Through the Lens Paper by Els van de Burgt from Elizabeth Craft Designs.

Buster is the leader of the pack.
Whiskers is all dressed up for the party.
Virgil is tickled pink to be invited.
Chilly is just the coolest.
Hope you have enjoyed my take on what happens when we are away.  Don't forget to visit Karen's blog tomorrow to see what the entire team has made and to see a brand new video from her.
Have a great week and Glitter On!!


  1. Just had to pop in and tell you how darling this is, S@ndy! So, cute and so darn festive--Those are my kind of party animals!! XOXO-Shari

  2. wow! Love all your party animals Sandy x looks like they have a blast when we are not at home x
    Wonderful details

    Tfs and best wishes
    Annie x

  3. Love the party animals! Clever use of the props added to the festivities! Wondering how you made them stand up...? TFS

    1. Hi Marlene

      I drilled a small hole in the block, added a toothpick and hot glue. I then glued the character to the toothpick. I made mine two sided but you wouldn't need to if you didn't want to. Hop this helps. S@ndy

  4. Darling, darling! How much fun is this? Thanks

  5. I don't even know what to say - this is unbelievably fabulous. WOWSA.


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