Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Karen Burniston Designer Challenge - Celebrate

Hi and welcome - today I'm back with my third project for the Karen Burniston September Designers Challenge.  These explosion boxes have been around for years and I have made many.  This one is a little different however.  Karen challenged us to use the Frame Edges from her Accordion Card Dies and I wanted to use the Oval Flourish Frame in an entirely different way so I made this!

Part of the fun of this project was seeing if I could do it.  I used all white cardstock and added a few touches of gold.   I hung the Christmas Tree Pop Stand in the center with fishing line.  If you are interested in how I made it there is a tutorial below. 
Supplies Used:
All dies available at Elizabeth Craft Designs
Oval Flourish Frame Die #777
Christmas Tree Pop Stand #1037
Merry Christmas Pop Up #1039
Ring Accordion #904
ECD double sided tape
White Cardstock
Gold Ribbon
Glittery gold cardstock

Here's How I Did It!

Cut 4 sets of frames from paper that has double sided tape on the back.
Cut 4 long strips of  plastic, at least 2" longer than the frames with a little tab on top (you can use packaging)

Peel the tape lining off and stick the frames back to back with the plastic in between, leaving a tail at the bottom.  Note:  I reinforced the inside corners with an additional piece of clear plastic and a dab of strong glue.

Place them on top of each other with strong glue holding them together in the center (where the paper clips are).  When glue has dried, pinch them in the opposite direction making an X.

My box is 4" square and 6" tall.  Cut 2 - 4" X 4" squares and 4 - 6.5" X 4" panels.  Cut 1- 8" X 8" square for the lid.  Score across each of the 6" panels 1/2" from the bottom, fold and add tape to attach the long panels to the square.  Attach the side panels as shown below.
I also cut the taped the tab portion at a slight angle at the ends.

On the outside bottom, draw a line making an X from corner to corner.  Cut 4 small slits just big enough to put the plastic strips through in each corner. The slit should be just inside where the sides are attached.

From the front side (which will be the inside bottom of the box), place the strips through the slits and pull gently until the frame is sitting on the bottom square.

Fold tabs flat to the bottom of the box and secure with scotch tape then trim off excess plastic. Use the other 4" X  4"square to cover the bottom and hide the messy part.

For the Lid, score your 8" square at 2" on each side as shown in Fig.1.
Cut on the score lines shown in red - shown in Fig. 2.  Fold all score lines to form the lid, fold the flaps to the inside and secure with tape or glue.

Cut and assemble inner Christmas Tree Pop Stand - since this is not a card you can add extra dimension by gluing the 2 outer pieces together and making small cuts (where it is red, there is one on the top of the second piece) and putting the two sections together.  Hang tree in frame with fishing line.

Have fun and good luck!


  1. This is the most unusual card I've ever seen. I can't wait to try it.

    1. good luck Cindy - email me if you have questions

  2. Now, talk about a gift in itself!! This is soooo cool, S@ndy! I love this--it's a card, it's a gift, it's the best of both worlds and made by hand--What could be better to receive during the Christmas season! Just Fabulous!! XOXO-Shari

  3. This truly an amazing gift to give, it is beautiful and thank you so much for sharing your creative talent!

  4. Wow! This is a wonderful project! Welcome to the design team. I can't wait to see more of your ideas.

  5. Wow! This is a wonderful project! Welcome to the design team. I can't wait to see more of your ideas.


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