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Dies and Distress @ A Vintage Journey

Hi all my blogger friends,

The challenge this fortnight over at A Vintage Journey was chosen by our host, the lovely, Annie. She has challenged all of us to use Tim's Dies and Distress. Not a problem since most of us own lots of each.  This is a rather long post so grab your coffee or whatever and sit back.

It all started out innocently enough with this cute little block calendar that is only 4.50" wide and 4" tall.  I hosted my WOW (wild old women) group a while back and we made this calendar.  Since that time we have made many with all kinds of different themes.

But then look what happened!!  I decided to take it one step further and went BIG.  In my world, "too much of a good thing is just never enough".  I wanted the calendar but then thought, why not add a clock and of course the days of the week?  The clock is battery operated so it really works.

This one is 6.5" wide and 12" tall.
I began gathering stuff that I wanted to use.  A piece of dowl rod that measured 4" in diameter and 6" long that I will cover with the days of the week.  I simply printed the days of the week on a 4 X 6 manila card.

Some papers from Tim's collections - sorry I don't know which ones.

I used two 3" blocks from Stampin Up.  Covered them with the paper and then added panels that I cut with the Styled Labels Die.  They were too long so I cut them to size. I then embossed and distressed the edges with Gathered Twigs DI.  I used Gathered Twigs DI throughout the project.
I added the number that I cut using my electronic cutter. 
I covered the blocks with paper and then added the months.

I actually made two templates for the main body of this project. I made the first one from chipboard but it was too flimsy and looked a little small (too puny).  It turned out that Mac made the frame for me out of 1/4" plywood.   It looks rather rough but it will be covered with paper so it doesn't matter.  I needed to make the width 6.25" on the inside so the cubes could slide in and out without sticking and ripping the paper.  You will notice the two holes in the back, that is to push out the blocks when I change dates.

I covered the entire thing with paper, added the "days of the week roller and then added a cover with a window to show the day.  This part of the process was like a science experiment - measure, cut, (keep your fingers crossed that you measured right),
try it, adjust it and then cover with matching paper.

I next used an On the Edge Die to cut the back panel that I had already covered with paper.  Tip: an easy way to get a precise cut is to put your paper on the chipboard first and then run through your die cutting machine.  This can be done very easily with any steel rule die.   I next cut the Weathered Clock from Grunge Board, covered it with embossing ink and heat embossed. Then it was glued it to the back.  Next came the clock works.

Next up were the side panels,  I used the Styled Label Die again except this time I made it wider by folding the paper and placing it on the die to get more width.  Once it is embossed, the fold lines disappear.  I marked the die with tape and a marker.  Don't be afraid to experiment with your tools and find ways to get more use from them.  Many die shapes can be altered to make them bigger or smaller by simply using a fold.


I used a smaller cutting pad so I could make the die cut longer.  A little hand trimming will be needed.  You can buy these purple cutting pads from Sizzix and/or Ellison and they can be cut to size using the Tonic scissors.
After cutting and embossing and distressing, my side panels were ready to go.

I had two of Tim's knobs in my stash so used them on the sides after adding these great door bell covers  that I found at Hobby Lobby.

The last thing to go on was the legs.  I painted some wooden knobs with Gathered Twigs DI.  I like to use DI as paint - color stays true but it does take awhile to dry, especially on wood.


 I hope you will join the Creative Guides over at A Vintage Journey and show us what you make.

Have a great and creative weekend,


  1. Sandy, this is so clever and so useful! You must have had so much fun creating this calendar! I love all the details and the adding of the weathered clock piece and the little feet! Love it, hugs!

  2. This is truly wonderful Sandy.......totally awesome project with the most amazing details.
    Sounds like you had great fun at the WOW group too!
    TFS and crafty hugs
    Annie x

  3. Oh my goodness Sandy, you have designed and created the most fabulous calendar and clock. I sat mesmerised by all the ingenuity and creativeness you have to put this together and now you have the most perfect piece of home decor that is functional as well as beautiful. I just love all the details and the amazing outcome. TFS all the process steps xx

  4. this is such a gorgeous piece and so clever! what a great idea and you have created so well!

  5. Wow S@ndy - what an amazing feat of engineering this is!! You are so clever and creative, I absolutely love 3D work and this really pushes the boundaries - it is truly, truly fabulous. I love all the details you have added and the construction is brilliant. I really enjoyed reading the 'how to' as well. Clever lady! Anne xx

  6. Looks amazing works beautifully! S@andy that's SO clever and I love it. Jenny x

  7. Imaginative, practical and oh so clever. Add to that what a beautiful vintage make this is and you have created a favourite with me Sandy - FABULOUS!!! Chris xxx

  8. Now that is what I call CREATIVE - fabulous, skilful and wonderful. Nikki xx

  9. I just love that you have a working Weathered Clock there... and all the detailing with the knobs and textures is fabulous. A wonderful piece of inspired creativity, S@ndy - I love it!
    Alison xx

  10. Fab project and tutorial!
    Love how you transformed this into a calendar clock
    The papers and paint colours are so beautifully co-ordinated and the embossed die cuts just add lovely textures

    Jools x

  11. wow i am loving your style and the tutorial. Thanks for sharing and for the inspiration, Hugs June x

  12. OMG Sandy this is a wonderful work of art!! I love the embossed pieces on the blocks, and the door bell covers are a beautiful addition too. Wish we had Hobby Lobby here. Just wonderful!! Karen.x

  13. What a wonderful clock/calendar! such clever ideas for the days and months!

  14. These are terrific! What a terrific mix of dies + texture.


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