Thursday, January 14, 2016

More CHA

Welcome back - today I'm just going to show you a few of, for me, the highlights of the show.
It's pretty exciting to have your work on display for the entire industry to see so please bare with me as I brag a little.
I'm sure you couldn't have guessed that the ones with the big yellow arrows are mine (subtle huh).
Here are Jinks and Baker showing off.

Nothing more fun than spending time with friends!
See you tomorrow with a few more,


  1. Nothing better than seeing your work on display for the whole World to see Sandy! Huge congratulations on this well deserved honour! So pleased for you. Jenny x

  2. As Jenny has already said, there is nothing better than seeing your work on show and there is no better stage than the CHA! How wonderful that you got to go there to see your work live too! Well done you!! Hugs, Anne xx

  3. I love the first photo of you standing in front of the cards! :)



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