Thursday, October 2, 2014

Heavy Metal

Hi Everyone,

When our host, Terry, told us her theme for our current challenge is "Heavy Metal", over at A Vintage Journey, I was so excited because I have something different to share with you.  I hope you enjoy my "Heavy Metal".

Here is my take on an idea I first saw from Susan Morse in Cloth, Paper, Scissors Magazine - July/August 2010.

As a paper crafter I like to use my supplies in as many different ways as possible.  I'm sure you will recognize many items on this necklace.  Definitely Tim's influence with the gears and clock.  
I like to shop at the hardware store and use my finds in my art, using washers in addition to the gears. The base of this piece is a painted "Striker Plate", also from the hardware store.  If you aren't familiar with what a Striker Plate is, it is part of a door frame where the latch from the door goes into the frame to keep it closed.  Shown below-

OK, I admit that I am very lucky to have my own "In House" glass artist, Mac.  I go to his workshop and pick out pieces of glass that I like to use in my projects.  That's just what I've done in the examples below.  I have also used a lite weight copper sheeting that has been embossed with Texture Fades.

A painted striker plate,  hand picked glass, embossed copper, copper wire and some beads - you're good to go.

On this one I used even more paper crafting supplies.  The red and gold is embossing powder.  I really like the texture that it gives.  Since the striker plate is metal, I put it in the Melting Pot using a parchment paper liner (big enough that I can use the liner as a handle to lift it out) and let it get hot.  Sprinkled the embossing powder over it,  when the powder was nearly melted, I say nearly because the metal is hot and the powder will continue to melt after you remove it from the Melting Pot, carefully remove it and place unto a non stick craft mat. This is very hot and stays hot for awhile so if you did not use parchment, use a spatula to remove it.  In the center opening I used drywall mesh, also from the hardware store, and then embossed it as well.  Just add a dragonfly and a few rhinestones.

Below is a photo of another necklace I made for a challenge a couple years ago.  I still love it and wear it.

I hope you are inspired to think of your crafting supplies differently and you have enjoyed my take on "Heavy Metal".



  1. I am just picking my jaw up off the floor S@ndy! How fabulous are these! I am going to dust off my melt pot and have a go at this fantastic idea. The one with the dragonfly is stunning and your Mac certainly is clever with glass. Just showed DH and he says these have a wow factor of 10 - high praise indeed! Super impressive work. Anne xx

  2. Wow S@ndy these jewellery makes are just incredible and I LOVE them, they certainly hit the heavy metal theme well. How lucky to be able to choose your own pieces of coloured glass and then to have the creativity and talent to put them to such good use. I love your imaginative ideas.
    Have an enjoyable weekend.
    hugs Brenda xx

  3. Heavy Metal extravaganza, Sandy! So many lovely wearable art pieces here and each one is so unique! I have raided my hubby's tool chest for washer bits and such as well! Love these and hope your weekend is fabulous!

  4. WOW Sandy I am in awe - what incredible pieces of art - so inspired. Nikki xx

  5. These pieces definitely have the WOw factor Sandy :-)
    I adore them all and how clever to use the metal door strike.
    The final piece is fabulous and I bet you get lots of comments when you wear it.

    Fantastic Heavy Metal makes

    Have a great weekend
    Annie x

  6. Stunning pieces Sandy, each and every one of them! Being someone who is totally clumsy where pliers and chain is concerned, I am totally in awe of these clever pieces, - stunning!

  7. Fantastic! Love your cog pendant such a cool idea
    The copper detail is beautiful
    Love the ones with glass and the wings too

    Jools x

  8. Like Anne my jaw is on the floor with these Sandy!!! INCREDIBLE works of art that take altered jewellery to another level. LOVE them. Jenny x

  9. These are so cool, S@ndy - brilliant out of the box thinking with the crafty supplies, and a great take on the Heavy Metal theme!
    Alison xx

  10. Oh my goodness Sandy ... These are seriously fantastic. Love the striker plate (and no ... I did not know that was what it was called :) ). Art is anywhere and everywhere. You have made such gorgeous art from everyday objects. LOve it!!! -- Mary Elizabeth


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