Thursday, February 13, 2014

Girly Gift Card

Hi Everyone,

Today I am going to deviate from my usual style and go "Girly ".   I've been having fun with my new Karen Burniston Dies from Eliazbeth Craft Designs.  I needed a gift card for someone special so I went with a purse design and used the Lots Of Pops Die. 

As you can see, it looks like a little purse on the outside.  I used my electronic cutter for the purse shape and then embossed the front portion only.  Added a pearl brad and some chain for a handle.

On the inside I wanted it to look like a boutique shop and that's where the Lots Of Pops Die comes in.  Below is a close up of the bottom section.  It is a little bulky when closed but what girl doesn't stuff as much in her purse as possible?

I'm tickled pink (pun intended) with the way it turned out, sometimes a plan just comes together.  I plan to tuck a gift card in behind the dress and then it will be ready to go.

I used Rose Red cardstock from Stampin Up for the body of the purse, then scored and embossed.
Next I put a piece of wood grain paper and some striped paper together and placed the die on the center line. Then cut it out.
I folded all the creased according to the instructions.
Then it looked like this.  I then used my tape runner to glue the bottom section only in
the card. 
Since I wanted the Pop It Up to look like a table, I cut on one fold line so it would leave a space and I glued it down later to look like legs.
Next I cut a strip of Rose Red Cardstock to place across the top portion of the card.  I glued it down just on the side edges. I used very small glue dots. You will see why in a minute.
Then I trimmed the strip to match the shape of the card. 
I then slid the printed paper under the strip.  I DID NOT glue the printed paper down.  Because the card is so bulky the printed paper needs to slide up and down when the card is opened and closed.
The cardstock strip holds it in place and adds strength for the rest of the embellishments.

Now for the fun part.  I got to go on a treasure hunt in my stash for decorations.
I was delighted to find a small frame for the mirror, some small pearls on a string, a hanger, a small gift package and the Barbie Shoes.  I made a shopping bag from a scrap of paper and put some tissue paper in it.  I cut a dress from sparkly paper and added it to the hanger.  After printing out "Shop Til You Drop" on the computer I cut it out using one of the dies from the Lucy Label Pop Up. 

Have a great day and make something fun!


  1. This is a masterpiece, Sandy! I love your solution for the bulky embellishments by making a slider side. Smart!

  2. This cards just makes me smile :) What a wonderfully executed and fun project. Thanks for sharing your secrets with all of us.

  3. A treat for my eyes, lovely embellishments & wonderful card.

  4. Love everything about this card! Amazing!!

  5. Really cute! Love all the clever embellishments !


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