Friday, April 26, 2013

****American Proud****

Today I felt like I wanted to create something that makes me, and I hope you, feel good.  With the recent events in Boston and seeing the evil done by a few who claim to hate America - I just had to make something patriotic.

This card is my tribute to our wonderful country.  It is a spring loaded card with the Amped-up Pop N Cut inside.  I had so much fun just finding out if I could do it.  Imagine my delight when I found that I could.  For the cover I used the Tim Holtz Old Glory Die.  The card is held closed with a swivel clasp.

I saw the Amped up Pop N Cut card on Karen Burniston's blog so had to try it.  I used the mechanism from the Accordion Album Die to add the word "Proud".  After adding the twine it turns when the card is opened.  The springs just make everything stand to attention.  Last step is to add a banner and done!!


                           I don't know about you, but I feel better now.


  1. Wow! Sandy, this is awesome! I just took a break from working on a patriotic card myself - what a strange and cool coincidence. You should download the Vine app and take a quick video of this card - I'd love to see it spring open!

  2. This is AWESOME Sandy! Great Job...God Bless the USA!

  3. LOVE,LOVE, LOVE this card Sandy! I too would love to see a video of how you did it. I just did pop n cut cards with my community service club...we made patriotic cards for soldiers in Afghanistan. They would love this. God bless you and America, and Boston ! Wonderful card.

    1. Hi Alison

      Thank you for the nice comment - I just added a video of the spring action (my first video). Our community club also makes cards for the Wounded Warriors. We live in a wonerful place like no other. Thanks, S@ndy

  4. Great card Sandy! Congratulations on your first video too.

  5. Love your card! The colors are so vivid. I keep studying the design of the pop- up... Never have made one if these. It's terrific!
    Thanks for sharing and God bless the USA.

  6. WOW! That is very cool!
    Congrats on you 1st video!


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