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I've had this idea swirling around in my  head for some time now and it has finally made it's way to paper.  Be prepared for a l-o-n-g post this time.  If you get bored you can always just look at the pictures.  I'll start with the end result first, which I am so happy with.

I had been looking for a flip stand to use for this project and my friend Cheri came to the rescue when she found this stand at Michael's. 

Each page flips over and when you get to June you simply turn the entire stand around and start with July.   I used six pieces of chipboard with a month on each side.  I was careful to use a certain rotation of months so when the stand is turned the months are in order.  With this much work involved I decided that I would make the calendar last 2 years.  (2013 & 2014)  I used the TH corners to hold the calendars in so that when one is done you can slide it out and the next year is behind it. I thought about going for 3 years but thought that may be a little crazy.

Step one was to cut all the chipboard.  I used 9.50" X 8" for each page.   The pages that came on the stand are flexible and of course chipboard is not.  I had to cut a half circle in the center so the pages would flip.

Because chipboard is so thick I used a row of Tim Holtz Tissue tape at the top of each page so it would all fit in the space allowed on the stand.  I then used lots of Distress Ink and colored each page according to the month.  I used Smead File Folders and cut them to fit my pages.  I then added the pages to the chipboard so they were ready to decorate. 

I layed out all the designs and then went back and added the lettering for the months.  You will see that I have one pictured above with a Chocolate Bunny
that turned out so great.  Imagine my disappointment when I realized that in 2013 Easter falls in March and in 2014 Easter falls in April.  Scratch that and go to Plan B - The Umbrella Man.

Here is a look at each page - 

                    Anyone who knows me knows that I'm a BIG Tim Holtz fan so you will see that his products are everywhere in this project.  I also have a wonderful machine made by Xyon called  Wishblade and I used it to cut all the words.

On the January page I used the Winter Wonder Die, the Snowflake - On The Edge, Snowflake embossing folder and Stickles for the Icecicles.

When I first started papercrafting I did lots of stamping and still do so had to add some stamping and heat embossing on this one.  I also used the Love Struck Die and the Heart Movers and Shapers.
On the March page I cut a slit in the paper before adding it to the chipboard and slipped the embossing folder in the slit to have the embossing in the center of the page.  I used Elegant Flourishes, the bird from the Caged Bird Die and the Harlequin Boarder Strip Die.

                     As I said earlier, The Umbrella Man is standing in for the
Easter Bunny along with the Butterflies which is an On The Edge Die

So many shades of lavender and purple.  I used the Bird Branch Die, the Retro Circles Embossing Folder and some flowers from the craft store.
I went with a guy theme on this one since June has Father's Day.  I used the Gadget Gears Die to make a mask, inked the background and then added more on the top.  The Old Jalopy Die is perfect for guys, I made it into a truck and then I added more gears with the On The Edge Die and then some other stuff for fun.

July is a no brainer,  I used the TH Rosette Die and some Movers & Shapers
for the stars.

For most months it is pretty easy to come up with a theme, a holiday or color scheme.  August is a totally different story so I had to give this one lots of thought before coming up with some cool air for a hot month.

In most parts of the country September has falling leaves but here in Arizona we have to use our imagination.  The leaves are falling and then piling up in one corner, anyone have a rake?  I used the leaves from the Movers & Shapers Line and added a few things from the Autumn Gatherings Strip Die.

October is always fun with a Halloween theme.  I couldn't resist this adorable sticker from Jolee's.  I added a fence with the On The Edge Die and a few other things from my stash.

Pumpkins go with the November theme so here you go!  The large pumpkin is the Happy Jack Die and the small ones are Movers & Shapers with some embellishments from the Autumn Gatherings Strip Die.

At last we are at the end.  I used some shinny paper here so sorry about the reflection.  I used the Carved Ornaments Die with the "Peace" Movers & Shapers.  The embossing folder is the Tall Trees.

Thanks for sticking with me on this one, I know it was long but just couldn't help it.  It was like 12 projects in one.


  1. I really love it, it's so great!!!!

  2. This turned out fabulous! I bought one of these stands in both sizes and haven't decided what to do with them yet. This might be a fun project to go with for one of them.

  3. Wow, what a fantastic project! You did a really great job. I love it :)

  4. That turned out spectacular! Every month looks great.

  5. You have created a masterpiece! Your work is awesome.

  6. Sandy, this is fantastic! So many gorgeous pages. The "August" letters blowing in the fan breeze are absolutely wonderful. Be sure to share this on the Sizzix blog!

  7. Great job, Sandy.

  8. that is a grand project!! You did a great job on it. =)

  9. wow! beautiful!!! Would you sell these? So cool!!!!


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