Saturday, May 26, 2012

Picture This!

This week has been all about playing with my new toys that arrived from "It's Cheaper Than Therapy". 

The new Tim Holtz Line is so much fun and gets the imagination fired up.

I cut the Vintage Camera Die from Grunge Board and completely embossed the body of the camera with black UTEE.  The rest of the pieces were embossed with silver and placed back in the die cut, then glued leaving the center out.  I placed a piece of black cardstock over the back, glued it on the edges to make pocket for a photo. 
Next I placed a picture in the opening.  We took a trip to Paradise Cove last summer and had a wonderful time so that was the perfect photo.

In order to make it stand up I glued it to a tin that was painted black.  Arranging it so it would hinge forward from the bottom so it would open.  By drilling a hole in the side of the box I was able to make a strap from a piece of cord and ran it through the hole with a knot on the inside.

Since I was having so much fun I decided to keep going!  Next I cut a film strip using my Xyron cutter and glued some photos to the strip.  I attached one end of the film strip to the inside of the tin.  When the film strip is rolled up it fits nicely inside the tin when it is closed and pops out when you open it.

This was a fun project and I hope you had as much fun seeing it as I did making it.


  1. OMG....This is SUPER SUPER CUTE!!!! What a FUN idea!!!!

  2. Hello Sandy,

    another great idea !!
    i love that you put the altoid tin behind the camera !
    you could also put a little photo book in this tin and give as a gift !
    greetings from belgium

  3. Great idea Sandy! You were definitely having fun and those juices were overflowing! Nice job!

  4. What a Great idea! So very creative

  5. What a fantastic idea, think I need to buy this die now!

  6. This is such a stunning idea. i love it!

  7. What a great project! Very inventive!

  8. How clever..really gets the imagination going and that is what gets us going to experiment.



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